KosterAlg has changed name to Nordic SeaFarm!

New name same people with a mission to creating sustainable plant-based products derived from the sea.

You find our new website (in Swedish) at:  https://www.nordicseafarm.com/

We look forward to creating  the future with you.

Our goal

KosterAlg today offers Sugar kelp which is grown at sea – and Sea Lettuce which is primarily grown in tanks on land, where we have developed a sustainable process to grow and harvest this fresh every week.

Our goal is to help our customers create extraordinary products that both taste good, have high nutritional values and maintain the highest quality. How about flamed seaweed at a top restaurant in Stockholm, a Seaweed burger on the grill from one of Sweden’s most innovative vegetarian companies – or why not a fresh Gin where a micro-brewery from Bohuslän has created a fantastic Gin flavored with Sea lettuce!

We look forward to continuing to work with our customers to develop the products of the future.