Our products

Our algae are eco-certified, with Swedish and EU classifications and also certified as food. The algae are great to use fresh or in cooking. Since algae contain high-value nutrients, some are also ingredients in health-food supplements. Several species are employed in cosmetic- and cleansing products.

Macroalgae (e.g. kelp, seaweed and rockweed) are used as food mostly in Asia but is used all over the world as stabilizers, emulsifiers and thickening agents in food. Macroalgae has also long been used as fertilizers in soil and as animal feed.

New exciting applications are being developed such as packaging material, fabrics, pharmaceuticals and biofuel.

Do you want to order algaes? We offer:

Sugar kelp, cultivated in open water:
Dried 500 SEK/kg
Frozen 50 SEK/kg (minimum order: 15 kg)

Oarweed, cultivated in open water:
Dried 1000 SEK/kg
Frozen 100 SEK/kg (minimum order: 15 kg)

Sea lettuce, cultivated in tanks:
Fresh: 700 SEK/kg
Dried: 3000 SEK/kg

Farming the sea for food, and more, 2015-12-10